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Who Is Cru?

Cru is a community of students at Western Michigan University who simply want to experience God more while in college.


We are not a church.  We are not a replacement for church.  We are college students from many different churches (and even no church/spiritual backgrounds at all) who want to grow in understanding what it means to follow Jesus Christ.


We gather as a whole campus on Thursdays at 8:08 pm in Student Center room 2211 on WMU’s Campus – with music, messages connecting to college life, and authentic, real life people.  We gather in small groups across campus at other times throughout the week – a place for small discussion about God’s Word and each other.  We have tons of other stuff going on too including retreats, conferences, parties, events, and training on life skills.


We know college can be hard, and even scary for a student to live out their faith, so we try to offer students a safe and loving alternative to the perceived/stereotypical college life. Even if you just want to learn more about who Jesus really is, we encourage you to stop on out and check it out for yourself!

"We believe in creating an environment that is

welcoming and Glorifies God at the same time"

Meet The Staff


Our Cru staff members work full time to help every student take their next step with God during college. We are a spiritual resource to the whole campus community, mentoring, teaching, and serving so that the good news of Christ can be made known at Western Michigan University and beyond. And they have a lot of fun doing it!

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